Building Community

In 1986, a young boy named Christopher was entrusted to the care and support of Rehoboth Christian Ministries, a new agency whose mission was to enable people with disabilities to enjoy lives of fullness and dignity.

When Christopher and Rehoboth began their journey together, it was clear God’s providence shone a light on their path. His watchful eye and deliberate blessings enabled this fledgling agency to enrich lives – of Christopher, David, and Sean, and others to come – by making room for them and helping them to live full lives. The LORD’s wisdom and love allowed for Christopher to become the very first child in southern Alberta to receive government funding.

Christopher’s journey on the shoulders of Rehoboth staff would often be challenging. Along with the glorious peaks of joy, there would be valleys in the shadow of discouragement. However, there was no reason to fear. For God was leading them; His rod and staff comforted them, the staff, clients and parents included.

Through the years that Rehoboth was privileged to support Christopher, from a little boy to a young man when the LORD called him home, Rehoboth learned – as staff and as an agency – how to support people with love and commitment and faith. To give them opportunities to grow and develop, to have dignity and to flourish.

Our journey as Rehoboth continues, alongside every “Christopher” in our care. And our ministry is now blessed with this humble place of provision and belonging:

Christopher Place


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