Christopher Place

After a  little more than a year of construction, led by Silver Ridge Construction, Rehoboth opened the doors to Christopher Place in December 2021!

This mobility-friendly, 13,000 square foot facility boasts 14 studio suites and common kitchen, living, dining, and program areas, as well as administration space for the 24/7 staffing. Our new residents are adults with developmental disabilities who experience mobility issues. Residents began moving in at the beginning  of December  and currently 11 suites are occupied.

Our vision is for Christopher Place to be a part of the community in north Lethbridge and, more importantly, to build community inside Christopher Place.

When asked about their new home, here is what some of the residents had to say:
- "come see my apartment- it’s set up just how I want it!"
- "I love the view from my window!"
- "this place is so nice, so so nice!"

To those already moved in and those yet to do so, all we can say is, Welcome Home.

Christopher Place Funding Projects

Although the ribbon has been cut and residents are moving in, there are still some wish list items to help make this home complete.

If you are interested in donating towards a specific project, please click here to donate and then place the project name in the donation comments.
Alternatively, you can also send a cheque or call us with instructions on which project you would like to support.

Seating, dining or swings.

Currently no outdoor seating or dinning available at Christopher Place.

Estimated cost: $5,000.00. We would also be interested in gently used, clean, second hand patio items.

Donate to Project: CP Patio Set


For those warm summer evenings when everyone wants to be outside, meals can be to!

Estimated cost: $900.00

Donate to Project: CP BBQ

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