Help fund specific projects across the regions
Donations of any size are graciously received and allocated where needed most unless specified otherwise.

Scroll through a list of projects across the province that Rehoboth is hoping to fund through donations.

If you would like to donate towards a specific project within a region, please complete the online donation form and mark the project name in the comments section.


*Projects listing coming soon*

Calgary Region

1 small

4 medium

1 large

The local pool utilized does not provide these currently

Estimated cost: $60 - $100 depending on size and fit required (cost from Cabela’s)

Donate to Project: CGY LJ


1 needed

Water wheelchairs are an asset for accessibility within the pool while not placing strain or lifting requirements on the staff supporting clients.

Estimated cost: $3,000.00 each

Donate to Project: CGY WW

Central Region

*Projects listing coming soon*

Edmonton Region

Air conditioning unit for two Rehoboth owned homes
(One home is a bi-level and the other is a 6-Plex with 6 aparmtent suites)

Individuals residing in this home are aging and are beginning to struggle more with hot temperatures.

Estimated cost: $5,000 for full unit or $800 per portable unit

Donate to Project: EDM MAC


Northwest Region

2 beds needed

Individuals enjoy gardening & would like to grow their own vegetables & herbs.

Dirt & bed liner included in estimated cost.

Estimated Cost: $500.00

Donate to Project: NWT Garden

South Region

2 rolls required

Poly rolls to replace the covering on the greenhouse

Estimated Cost: $760 per roll

Donate to Project: SGC Poly


Patio Furniture for Christopher Place

Seating, dining or swings.

Currently utilizing indoor furniture when possible for the patio.

Estimated cost: $2,500.00. We would also be interested in gently used, clean, second hand patio items.

Donate to Project: CP Patio Set

Photo & quote from Bed Bath & Beyond