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We saved you a spot!

We saved you a spot!

We’re excited about camp, and are looking forward to another great year! *Apply Now

2024 Dates for Volunteers are as follows:
R&R Week - June 23 - 28
Adult 1 - June 29 - July 5
Adult 2 - July 6 - 12
Independent - July 13 - 19
Youth - July 20 - 26

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If you’ve been a volunteer at camp in the past, we look forward to your return.

Tell your friends the camp story and get them to come with you!

If you know someone that may benefit from being a camper, please visit the Camper page.

If you’ve never experienced Rehoboth Camp and you’re at least 14 years old, we hope you’ll join us this summer.
If you’re interested in learning more about Camp 2024, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.
If you’re curious about what camp is like, check out the video below or check us out on Facebook !

Training is provided for all staff on the day before each week begins.
It is an opportunity to learn what happens at camp, meet some new people or old friends, and have all your questions answered about this fantastic ministry! 

Position Descriptions

Counselor in Training (14 & 15 yrs old)
Bible Leader
Night Watch


See you at camp!



Rehoboth Camp Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Packing List

More Info for Volunteers

What’s Camp Like?

Rehoboth Camp Ministries from Meagan Vanderveen on Vimeo.

Camp Volunteers

We’re looking for you this year! If you are interested in applying as a volunteer, complete our online application form or contact the Camp Manager directly.