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Rehoboth provides 24-hour residential supports in both urban and rural communities. The services are provided in both Rehoboth-owned properties as well as leased and rented properties. Rehoboth promotes and encourages choice in the location of the residence, the furnishing and the routines of the home to assist in creating meaningful home environments that recognize the potential of individuals and provide them opportunities for continued growth, personal and spiritual development and life-long learning.

The current residents or potential roommates and their families will be introduced over a series of meetings and social settings to determine compatibility. All individuals involved must agree to the match prior to service commencement.

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Rehoboth’s Vocational program is designed to provide flexible and realistic working environments in which clients may discover and develop their individual interests and aptitudes. These environments also provide opportunity for clients to learn appropriate work habits and to pursue their individual vocational ambitions and dreams.

Vocational services are offered in three areas: Employment Preparation; Employment Placement; and Service Delivery. Each client is given the opportunity to develop an Individual Life Direction Plan which encompasses their dreams and goals for their lives.

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The Support Independent Living (SIL) program provides in-home services to adult individuals living in the community in an effort to ensure continued growth and development for the individual. Services are provided in the client’s home with the focus on developing independent living skills, and with complete independent living as the ultimate goal.

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Our Respite Services Program provides respite options to individuals with a developmental disability, who do not require ongoing medical treatment, and their families. Respite services can be provided via In-home Support, Host Family, and Short-term or Vacation Relief.

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Service Delivery

While our Service Delivery programs promote the philosophy of person-centered planning and the use of an Individual Life Direction Plan, the Client Service Specialist may, in consultation with the client and Guardian, recommend an assessment tool to identify key skills, competencies and goal areas.

Assessment may be used for the following reasons:

  • To assist the client in identifying interests
  • To assist the client in understanding the skills they may be required to demonstrate in the community
  • To determine the level of assistance required to support the client
  • To provide current information about the client in areas that will contribute to the development of the Individual Life Direction Plan
ACDS Member

ACDS Member

Rehoboth is a proud member of ACDS, enabling us a broader influence in the community disability services field; advocating for improved public policies and practices for the sector.  The Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) is a not-for-profit network of Community Disability Services sector organizations in Alberta. ACDS works closely with the Government of Alberta and other partners, to strengthen the community disability services sector to benefit Albertans with developmental disabilities.

Fully Accredited

The ACDS Creating Excellence Together (CET) accreditation program is the recognized benchmark in the Community Disability Services sector. CET addresses aspects of life that are important to Albertans with developmental disabilities who need to access quality services. It is the only accreditation process in Alberta that was created for Albertans with intellectual and developmental disabilities and was developed in consultation with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, and with their families, guardians, and staff.

There are two levels of CET Accreditation and achieving Level 2 means that Rehoboth has:
- gone beyond the minimum requirements of accreditation and is providing an above-average quality service
- shown that it is innovative, resourceful, and diligent
- earned the right to be considered employers of choice and leaders in the field
- qualified itself to be a mentor to other organizations

Learn more about CET Accreditation here.

Fully Accredited

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