Your Voice Matters

Rehoboth is calling on you and all members of our communities to advocate for RCM and increased government funding for the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program.

This program has not received an increase in funding for eight years. With inflation and worker shortages you can imagine the stress that the whole organization is under trying to attract and properly compensate such essential and dedicated staff.

We are hoping you will take a moment to write a letter or download the sample letter below, personalize it to your MLA and mail in. If you are unsure of where to send your letter, you can use the link below to find your MLA and contact information.

        Find my MLA                             Letter to MLA

If you would like assistance obtaining, personalizing or mailing a letter, please contact the Business Administrator local to you for assistance:

Northwest (Grande Prairie):                                                          Priscilla Styr        (780) 532-5611
Edmonton (Stony Plain, Spruce Grove & Edmonton):      Audrey Glew        (780) 968-4315
Central (Three Hills):                                                                         Linda Cuthill        (403) 443-2239
Calgary (Airdrie & Calgary):                                                            Clarita Canuto    (403) 250-7333
South (Lethbridge & Coaldale):                                                   Sigrid Miklos        (403) 345-5199