An infectious smile and warm greeting will meet you when you arrive at the Coaldale Vocational Program. Tamara’s enthusiasm and cheerful nature is contagious and only grows more so as she continues to expand her employment independence. For five years now, Tamara has come into work in the Rehoboth office every day with a positive attitude. With help from her family and Rehoboth support team, Tamara has come a long way over the years, becoming a fundamental member of the office administration team. Tamara’s work allows the office to run smoothly by manning the phones and the front desk it allows others in the office to complete essential tasks without interruptions. Tamara also relieves work demands of her co-workers by helping whenever she can. 
Tamara has been working closely with her job coach at Rehoboth Employment Services over the past few months. She is always working on improving herself professionally at work and would like to perfect her organizational skills. With support from her job coach, Tamara has improved her weekly task calendar and organized her work area. Tamara has become so proficient in the office; she is now mentoring a volunteer who is interested in learning office skills by shadowing her twice a week. Tamara is true example of a rising star! 

"Tamara is a valuable member to the administrative team in Coaldale.  Her infectious smile and bubbly personality, plus all her hard work makes her a joy to work with, and a huge help in the office area."
- Sigrid Miklos, Business Administrator, Rehoboth South Region

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