Pride in Work

Hard worker. Dedicated. Strong attention to detail.

These exceptional qualities describe many but if you ask Mira Timber, they will tell you none other than John! Sanding and staining various lumber have been some of John’s main responsibilities for more than four years and so when the wrong stain was ordered for a large project, John knew instantly. Supported by Rehoboth’s Employment Services staff, John had previously gone through the Job Smart program, which assists adults to learn appropriate employee/employer relationships and interactions. This enabled John to be comfortable and confident to speak to his manager regarding the wrong stain which in addition to his fast thinking, saved the company thousands of dollars.

“John started working for us June 8, 2015.  Having had no prior experience with Rehoboth we were a little apprehensive. The first two weeks we had John doing shop cleanup and staining the finished timbers. After a few weeks of observation, it was clear that he was capable of more responsibility and more complex duties. He has been an asset to our team both in the shop and out in the field. John has brought good work skills, from Rehoboth, with him and has quickly learned new skills here. He fits in well with our team and has become one of the guys.
Recently, our manager asked Rehoboth staff if there were 10 more like him! Overall, we are very pleased with our relationship with Rehoboth, and especially with John. He has proven himself to be a reliable and conscientious employee.”  -Mira Timber

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