Inspiration & Passion

Elyssa Woods began piano lessons in second grade, and in middle school she began to play the flute. “I love how music can bring people together”, says Elyssa, a student from the University of Lethbridge, Bachelors in Music program.

Wanting to share her passion for music and knowing of Rehoboth through her church, Elyssa approached us to facilitate a weekly Music Therapy program for both our Vocational and Retirement programs.

At the Coaldale Vocational Centre Elyssa enjoys getting our individuals excited by playing along with her, trying various instruments such as maracas, tambourine, and drums. Taking the time with those who wish to learn more, she is also teaching the piano. A slight change of pace the Lethbridge Retirement program, where Rehoboth individuals are using rhythm instruments along with songs on YouTube. The retirement choir has taken special interest in Elyssa, recruiting her to assist with practices.

Summer is almost over and school will soon be in, however, Elyssa is already working on ways to continue with the program. Rehoboth has been blessed with many wonderful volunteers throughout the years and Elyssa is no exception – both individuals and staff are hoping she sticks around for many years to come!


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contact your local Rehoboth office.

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