God’s Family

Fred is a confident man who makes his opinion known so when he told his staff he wanted to begin attending a new church, Trochu Baptist, his whole support system was on board! It was evident that he felt accepted by and connected to his new church when he spoke up on the first Sunday, sharing the burdens on his heart. Prior to the switch, Fred was quiet throughout the service and was often anxious to leave right afterwards.

One Sunday, Fred’s Rehoboth staff, Jennie, noticed an upcoming men’s breakfast at his new church. Jennie approached the pastor to see if Fred would be welcome to attend. The pastor was surprised it was even a question – of course he was welcome! Jennie offered to stay in the building so that Fred could enjoy the fellowship of just the men, but Pastor Alan assured her that Fred didn’t need the staff to stay. The men’s group supports one another and that now meant Fred as well.

The week before, Pastor Alan phoned Fred to make sure he remembered about the breakfast and that he had a ride, as the men’s group was ready and willing to help if needed! The day of the breakfast, Rehoboth staff drove Fred to the church and watched as he was welcomed with hugs and enthusiastic greetings. What a blessing to see! Trochu Baptist Church has truly reached out with the love of Christ and received Fred into their church family with literal open arms.

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