Finding My Place

In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing and often, felt as though I had little impact with those I was supporting. After taking time off to prepare for school, I expected not to be missed - to be forgotten. To my surprise, before even entering the work area when one of the clients I had supported shouted my name and others began flocking towards me; each one asking about my time off, giving a hug and letting me know they missed me.

Working for Rehoboth has been an interesting experience; you “sign up” with the intent of making a difference in other people’s lives, of serving them. What you don’t realize and what a classroom cannot prepare you for, is the difference those you serve will have on you.

I had always thought I was helping bring the community to Rehoboth clients but in reality, they brought it to me.  

-Daniella, works in Rehoboth’s Calgary Region 

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