Cookbook Creation

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What do chicken casserole, fruit salad and romaine soup all have in common? They will all be recipes in Erin’s developing cookbook!

Wanting to increase her skills and learn new recipes, Erin proudly enrolled in a six-month cooking class with the assistance of her Rehoboth staff. Although some of the prep areas such as cutting, and mixing can be challenging for Erin, she is motivated and grateful for the encouragement and assistance of her staff. Attentive and engaged, Erin’s cooking progress is undeniable, just like how good her dishes are!

While making new foods is always exciting, the social aspect of cooking classes has been equally rewarding for Erin. Although Rehoboth staff are ready to assist when needed, they also enjoy stepping back and watching Erin engage and participate with her fellow classmates, her new friends. Erin is whipping up new connections and new dishes as often as possible; follow us for updates and maybe if we are lucky, Erin will share her cookbook with us!

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