Boots Made for Walking

David is the epitome of hard work and dedication! He has worked for Adora Kitchen for over 15 years and is an important part of the team. Without him, the cabinet making area at Adora Kitchen would be a disaster. Every day, David works hard to ensure that the area remains clean and clear of debris. His important work not only helps the place look clean, but it also helps his co-workers remain safe throughout their days. 
David will be retiring from Adora Kitchen in the near future and although retirement can be a scary time, he is excited for what comes next. With Rehoboth supports assistance, David began finding ways to stay active once he retires, stating he wanted to maintain his health and happiness. Recently, David started walking in his community, often with supports, friends or family. David says he can already feel the health benefits and looks forward to even more walking after retirement. At 71 years of age, David’s dedication to his work and to his health is nothing short of inspirational! 

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