Annual General Meeting

Join us for Rehoboth’s Annual General Meeting at the Rehoboth Administration and Vocation Building in Calgary - #20, 3740-27 Street NE., Calgary.


Documents including bios of new board candidates, Audited Financial Statements, the 2020-21 budget, and minutes of the 2019 AGM will be provided at the meeting.

Members can also request them by emailing [email protected] or calling 780-968-8481.


Welcome and opening - Sheldon Kok, President
Establish quorum -  Sheldon Kok
Approval of minutes of the June 15, 2019 AGM - Joy Monsma, Secretary
Approval of 2019-20 Audited Financial Statements - Jim Beusekom, Treasurer
Approval of 2020-21 Operational Budget -Jim Beusekom
Motion to appoint auditor for 2020-21 - Jim Beusekom
Highlights of 2019-20 - Ron Bos, Executive Director
Recognition of retiring board member - Sheldon Kok, President
Election/acclamation of new board member(s) - Sheldon Kok
Question period - Sheldon Kok
Closing and adjournment  -Janet Postma, Director



Attendees are invited to fellowship with Rehoboth Board members over a light lunch following the meeting.