Camper Questionnaire

Camper Questionnaire

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Emergency Contacts

Please provide 2 emergency contacts for the camper.


A copy of the camper’s MAR (medication administration record) MUST be provided to camp at time of camper drop off or before. You can request this directly from your pharmacy.

Daily Living Skills

Regarding the registered camper, what level of assistance is required for the following tasks...


Please note that any communication aids need to be sent with the camper.


Please note that any aids must be sent with the camper.


If the camper utilizes incontinence products, please send with the camper.


Please note that depending on the dietary requirements, the camper may be requested to bring their own food or supplements.


Please note that if a behavioral support plan (a document that describes behavior of concern along with signs of anxiety and how to address the concerning behaviors) is in place for the camper, a copy MUST be provided to camp.

General Information