New Adventure

Hi, I’m Matt and I am very much my own man. With encouragement from my Rehoboth staff and my family, I have taken a more active role in my home and my future. I had discussed needing a change at my home and after spending a week at Rehoboth’s Camp Flourish, the time seemed right! A friend of mine was over visiting and so with his help, along with my staff and team leader, I moved into the basement at my house; turning into my own apartment suite! 

Creating my own apartment gives me the space to be my own man and organize my things the way I want. My team leader helped me turn my video games into a full library – exactly like at EB Games! On top of having a huge gaming area, I also have my own ensuite bathroom and kitchen. Every morning, with Rehoboth staff, I choose my snacks for the day and put them in my fridge for whenever I am hungry. 

I am so proud to show off my new apartment suite to my family and friends because it’s all mine and really shows the man I am. I am grateful to Rehoboth staff for helping create my own space, so I can be the best man I can be. 

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