Getting Back Up Again

A couple of years ago Jane experienced consecutive falls that resulted in broken bones and severely restricted mobility. She spent months in hospital recuperating from multiple surgeries; it was debatable whether she would be able to return to her home. 

With the support and advocacy of her Rehoboth staff, the local Occupational Therapist and guardian, she has made a slow and steady recovery. Additional assistive technologies were implemented in her home to meet her mobility and safety needs. As a result, she has been able to stay in her current home supported by her dedicated staff.

A year ago, Jane was unable to walk at all but was working towards standing transfers from her bed or recliner chair to her wheelchair. It was clear that she wanted more as she began trying to get out of her chair unassisted. Although this resulted in a couple of additional falls, she was blessed with no further injuries. Jane made it clear that she wanted more independence and continued to fight for it. With the support of her residential staff, she has continued building up her strength to where she can walk short distances in her home using her walker. 

Jane has shown a depth of perseverance that surpasses many. She shows us that when life knocks you down (literally), hard work, determination and a strong spirit will get you back up again!

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